July 1, 2021 in Agile, Scrum

Agile Rookie: Agile… why not?

Agile, why not? Agile Serbia blog
Agile, why not? Agile Serbia blog

„There is a way to do it better – find it!“

Albert Einstein

Let’s make it clear – doing your job efficiently in turbulent times is really challenging, right? But, Agile is the new normal. And that’s the main fact. Being aware of the significance of Agile for every company, project or team is priceless.

Actually, getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to feel great about things that are good for you. More and more companies are using Scrum as the most beloved Agile frameworkBut, most of them are using Scrum not so well or in inefficient ways. Some researches show that many companies claim that Scrum isn’t for them (not because they’re not predestined for Agile) but mainly some other frameworks work better. The context for an Agile Mindset has changed a lot. Really a lot. We can distinguish the development of Agile in the past, then how it really works in present after defining of Agile Manifesto and what are predictions for the future. You can see that changes are inevitable and those changes are recommended and in the spirit of Agile mindset.

For all Agile Rookies we have an important message – don’t be afraid. Everything is going to be fantastic. So, we wanna give you some fantastic reasons why Agile mindset is the best solution for your company, organization, project and team:

#1 Agile increases satisfaction, for everyone – employees, employers and stakeholders

During the Agile development process, all parties are involved – employees, employers and stakeholders. All of them have significant roles. Employees – in taking and making decisions. Employers – in providing trust and support to the team. Stakeholders (users, customers) are giving valuable feedback.

#2 Agile reduces costs… significantly

Maybe one of the most significant benefits of Agility to a business is that the Agile processes can reduce costs. It does this in a variety of ways, some of which will be reasons for using Agile in their own way, but specifically Agile allows clients, customers and Product Owners to get exactly what they want.

#3 Agile saves money… a lot

By lowering risk, involving stakeholders and having faster time to market — businesses save money by building the right product rather than basing development on assumptions. The team is productive and they feel completely engaged in the process.

#4 Agile allows efficiency and innovations

And it does that on so many efficient levels. Agile is creative; it encourages free-thinking. By freeing teams from pre-determined set tasks that could take months – often asking them to work continuous overtime in order to achieve them – you allow room for innovation. A sustainable development environment through Agile approaches encourages collaboration.

#5 Agile allows faster time to market

Agile frameworks emphasize the value of the Product/Service at the market. Mainly, the Agile framework emphasizes working in short iterations. Each iteration ends in a potentially shippable product increment, which affords a business the ability to incrementally release.

In the end, Agile is a colorful umbrella with so many valuable frameworks. Which one do you choose? We wanna give you some great options and here you can see them. Just tell us how can we assist you in this process and the rest is going to be fantastic!

Go for it, Agile Rookies! Agile why not?
Go for it, Agile Rookies!

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